when mermaids meet at the devil’s punch bowl

I rarely meet up with other mermaids, mostly because I live so far from the mermaiding hot spots in Washington. However, in July 2021, I had the chance to meet up with the Seattle Merpod at their annual Lake Crescent trip. It was a treat to meet everyone in person and see their beautiful tails.Continue reading “when mermaids meet at the devil’s punch bowl”

the clearest water in Washington

In 2021 I decided I wanted to frolic in beautifully clear waters, so I headed up the Olympic Peninsula to Lake Crescent. While I’d visited the lake before, I don’t remember ever swimming there, likely because the algae-free water has an average temperature of 44 F. In the summer it’s a bit warmer, heading intoContinue reading “the clearest water in Washington”

the other side of the waves

August 2017 Getting in, my body says no, can’t, too cold. My mind overrides it. I’ve spent a considerable amount of the last 18 hours keeping anxiety at bay, and between a healthy dinner, okay sleep, good car conversation, and listening to Auli’i Cravalho sing How Far I’ll Go a couple dozen times, I’m mentallyContinue reading “the other side of the waves”

2020 polar bear plunges

Remember January? I barely do, but apparently I did two polar bear plunges in the first week of this year. Both times, I wore a mermaid tail. Now, these were both run-in events, not jump in events, so I twice ran into the water (once 44.6 F and once… probably a balmy 48 f? that’sContinue reading “2020 polar bear plunges”