Home of a body-positive, cold-loving, ocean-defending mermaid and open water swimmer from the Salish Sea.

meeting an octopus in Hawaii

I’ve been going to Two Step since I could first swim, but this was my first time swimming there in a mermaid tail. It must have been good luck because I also encountered my first octopus!

the other side of the waves

August 2017 Getting in, my body says no, can’t, too cold. My mind overrides it. I’ve spent a considerable amount of the last 18 hours keeping anxiety at bay, and between a healthy dinner, okay sleep, good car conversation, and listening to Auli’i Cravalho sing How Far I’ll Go a couple dozen times, I’m mentally … Continue reading the other side of the waves

may on maxwelton beach

My partner self-isolated on Whidbey Island for more than a month while I was sick this spring. In early May, I finally got to come up and take my first swim in months.


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